How to Storyboard, make a shot list, line your script, and schedule a film production

Measure twice cut once applies to filmmaking as well as construction or any other complex process really, and that's why preproduction is they key to actually finishing your film on time and budget. This video will help you with several preproduction tasks, including storyboarding, making a shot list, lining / timing your script, and scheduling the actual production of the film.


BTW, the instruction on lining a script is shown wrong. The squiggly line is for off-camera and the straight line is for on-camera. PLease read the "Script Supervising and Film Continuity" book, by Pat Miller. As a film instructor and freelance filmmaker, I really worry how much info is being taught incorrectly and passing unresearched material.

Scene 1, take 1 is actually the name of the first shot taken for the script's Scene 1. Subsequent takes will be Scene 1, Take 2, etc. The 2nd shot taken will be 1A, and start with Take 1. The third shot will be 1B, Take 1.

You don't start with a letter. Just the straight scene number. Just fyi...

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