How To: Create storyboards

Create storyboards

In this video we learn to make a storyboard for a movie. To start all you need is a finished script of the movie or video that you want to do and some storyboard sheets. These are easy to find online to print out. Although being some kind of artist may be nice, you don't need to have a lot of artistic ability to do storyboards. You just need to be able to decode your own drawings. Storyboard sheets consist of a drawing space to draw your frames and some lines underneath for notes. In these notes you want to include what type of shot it is, whether it is a close up or what have you. Then you want to write down the screen direction so you know what is happening in the shot. For another helpful note you can even add your dialogue in the notes and a scene number by your frames. This will make it much more easier to show others what you are trying convey in your video or movie.

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