News: Banksy's Simpsons Opening Portrays Grim Sweatshop Underworld

Banksy's Simpsons Opening Portrays Grim Sweatshop Underworld

Last night's Simpsons opening was a sardonic take on the usual gag, directed and storyboarded by the legendary Banksy, the famed renegade British graffiti artist whose real identity is hidden to the public. Below, laborers in Asian countries manufacture Simpsons merch in a dark underworld sweatshop, as an imprisoned dying unicorn impales Simpsons DVDs. 

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That's fresh !!!

look again. we found a replacement.

The video on YouTube is back up.

My favorite part is the dolphin head for licking the tape on the boxes... classic!

My husband and I saw the episode Sunday night and our reaction was "The Simpson aren't going last much longer." We wondered what fox thought of the opening bit and if it might result in the shows cancellation.

Fox would never cancel "The Simpsons" because of something like this.

OMFG.! People open you eyes. The NWO is coming and soon that will be our lives. Making thier goods. That is for the ones they dont kill. "Keep humanity under 500,00." Have u guys ever heard this phrase. . . Matt groening is a 33rd degree free mason. He knows what he's talking about. TRUST ME.!

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