How To: Prepare for your first professional film shoot

Prepare for your first professional film shoot

In this episode, Steve shares some knowledge he's gained through working on no-budget movies to help keep production smooth and professional. With hits from Jared like "How to Properly Clean Your Lens the Night Before a Shoot", this episode is sure to hit #1 on the Billboard Charts for podcasts! What? Billboard doesn't chart podcasts!?!

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Greatstuff, entertaining and useable. My Story, you helped me to list what I need the night before. I brought along dog treats, and old pizza to throw at mean dogs that wander in our location shoots. It helped, along with a snake recognition chart.
going to your site..thanks for the help.

Awesome tips. Nobody likes to look a dork on set...with an audience to see your idiocy...that you're paying to be there...ummmm

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