News: Did Inception Rip Off a Scrooge McDuck Comic?

Did Inception Rip Off a Scrooge McDuck Comic?

You tell us.

It's quite possible Christopher Nolan locked The Dream of a Lifetime into his memory bank, not knowing years later it would subconsciously shape Inception:

"That contraption is made to help psychiatrists examine the dreams of their patients! The wearer of such a brain-scanner can mentally enter into the dreams of the subject!"

Did Inception Rip Off a Scrooge McDuck Comic?

Perhaps Nolan tried to cover up his real source of inspiration with his high brow reference to French New Wave director Alain Resnais:

"I'm ripping off the movies that ripped off 'Last Year at Marienbad, without having seen the original. It's that much a source of ideas, really, about the relationships between dream and memory and so forth, which is very much what 'Inception' deals with. But we have way more explosions."

What do you think? Typical asinine internet conspiracy theory? Or a deeply buried love for DuckTales? Ah, the melody of my childhood...

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Ha, that's a good coincidence, but who know. Christopher may not fess up, it'd be too embarassing now.

The duck inspires everything !

Thanks for posting a link

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