How To: Make a dramatic film

Make a dramatic film

This tutorial covers some of the basics of dramatic filmmaking. A drama is a film that is character-driven, using the characters' emotional responses to situations to move the story along. Epic and historical dramas put their characters in historical events. Crime dramas are set within the rules and boundaries of reality, but do not have to be linked with any historical event. These films utilize suspense and action to push the characters through the story. Biopics are motion picture biographies that attempt to most accurately depict the emotions a historical figure was feeling during the most significant times of his or her life. Dramas are only effective in bringing out emotion if it is visually compelling. Lighting is a key element in this. One method is to conceal the subject being lit to create a dark overtone of the scene. The types of shots use determine the overall feel of the film. For example, as the tutorial show, a low-angle shot will give the character a sense of dominance or authority, where high-angle shots will do the opposite. Close-ups also bring out emotion in the characters. Finally, the last dramatic effect covered is drawing out time. By slowing down time in a film, it gives the audience time to contemplate the emotions being shown.

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