How To: Use a tripod to stabilize your shots

Use a tripod to stabilize your shots

Tom Skowronski, an editor for VideoMaker, teaches us how to use a tripod to capture video and take photographs. The great thing about this video series is that it covers everything you need to know.
Step 1: Choose your tripod. Not all tripods are built the same way or for the same tasks. Do some research to find the best one for you.
Step 2: When setting up the tripod, make sure all the legs are straight.
Step 3: Level the tripod.
Step 4: Check the level. This is very important. If your tripod is not leveled properly, you may film or take pictures from a poor angle.
Step 5: Lock it down. Lock the knobs on the legs of the tripod to keep them from moving or sliding up when you work.
Step 6. Lift from the top. When sliding the legs up, lift from the top section of the leg.

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