How To: Shoot good handheld video

Shoot good handheld video

This tutorial shows you how to make a professional looking video. Specifically: panning, tilting, zolly effect, dynamic dutch angle, and proper handheld technique.

-Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. (You have a lot less balance when your feet are close together.)
-You also want to tuck your elbow in and don't allow it to move around.
-Panning: Do not use your wrist to pan the camera. Take a step in the direction you want to pan and then move your whole body in that direction.
-Tilting: The secret to the tilt is to make sure that your camera is attached to a tripod.
-Zolly Effect: Stabilize the camera and zoom in on the subject and walk towards them. Zoom out while you're walking. Important: match the speed of the zoom with the speed of the motion that the camera is moving forward.
-Dynamic Dutch Angle: This is similar to MTV style music videos. All you have to do is move the camera in and out or around the space in creative angles.

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